Being engaged is so fun and exciting, but we know it can also be stressful at times as you plan the big day so we want to do all that we can to make the planning go smoothly. When it comes to picking a wedding photographer, it is so important to fine someone you are comfortable with, after all, you will be spending the whole day with your wedding photographers; while you are getting ready, before you see you fiancé on the big day, walking down the aisle, during the ceremony, portraits and reception your photographers will be there the whole time! All day you have your own paparazzi following you around, documenting your day, so it's crucial that your photographer is someone you are comfortable with who makes you feel at ease and who can be there without intruding

What Caleb has to say about Jessica

Jessica is much more than a photographer.  A look at most photographer biopics tells plenty about their love for photography and the skill they have developed in their craft.  Often, the choice of which wedding photographer to work with comes down to style over quality.  It's important to find someone to capture your big day with a unique style that captures the essence of the two lives being joined together.  However, beyond the editorial style that Jessica offers, she brings the innate qualities of her bubbly personality that brighten the day for bride after bride (I've had the best of vantages to see this every time).  Jessica can capture your smile on her can many other photographers.  But, Jessica will be the one to help you feel not only relaxed, but confident in front of the lens, smiling at the ease of capturing your day.  I actually love getting to watch it myself.  

Jessica is passionate.  Jessica is dedicated, determined, meticulous, and honestly...a demanding boss ;)  She demands the same level of service and dedication be provided to her clients that she herself exemplifies.  It keeps me on my toes.  Also, she is passionate.  That one counts twice.

I truly love her beyond what I even thought I understood at our wedding.  I think when clients invite us to be a part of their wedding, they see that bubbly photographer playfully capturing the beauty of the bride and coaxing a smile from the manly reserved groom, and it allows them to seize those moments of love that they too will remember in the future.

What Jessica has to say about Caleb

Caleb is one of the most humble people I know. He will never volunteer that he is a pilot, he would rather tell you about his dogs and his wife and his family than about himself, and when I once asked him what his greatest accomplishment was he told me it was the mission trip he did with his dad.

He is an incredibly hard worker, first one into the office, last one out and he usually spends a few hours a week studying for work and prepping for flights and teaching student pilots. He is filled with great ideas and is always there for me when I have a thought that isn't fully processed. He takes the mess of an idea that I have and totally forms it into a real plan of action. He has been a huge part of creating and keeping our business up and running.

Caleb is such a 'cool guy', easy to talk to and comfortable to befriend. He is the love of my life, and he spoils me SO much more than I deserve. He is incredibly selfless, super cute and does so much for others.

At a wedding, he is a rockstar with details! He captures some amazingly sharp images of the guys getting ready; smoking cigars, playing pool, drinking scotch, and then he covers all the wedding day details, from the dress and shoes to the venue and the food. He has an eye for arranging them in a gorgeous style and I totally trust him to cover all things details while I work with the bride. I know that I am so incredibly blessed to have him as a partner in life and business! 


Every wedding is so unique and special, while we do have pre-made collections, we love getting a chance to hear about your wedding plans and create a custom collection that fits your day perfectly.

Our custom collections begin at $1500 and our pre-made collections begin at $2400.

All of our pre-made collections include:
Engagement Session
2 Photographers
14-Day Photo Return Time
Professional Retouching
USB of Wedding Images
Full Printing Rights
Online Gallery (VIEW EXAMPLE)

Be sure to ask us about off season pricing, military discounts and weekday discounts. Feel free to shoot us message letting us know your budget and we'll chat about what we can fit into that budget.  


I can honestly say that I am ABSOLUTELY happy with my photos from Jessica Elle Photography. My husband and I were extremely lucky finding her, as our wedding was put together in just 3 months. We had such a great time shooting our engagement photos with her, laughing and making jokes, it was very comfortable. She caught up with us frequently before the wedding to confirm any last minute details and poses we knew we wanted to have, always making sure that we were happy with exactly what we would be getting. On our wedding day, there was so much genuineness from her and her assistant, shooting all of our photos was fun. The turn-around time for the photos was amazing as well. I loved having the slideshow to show my family and friends who weren’t able to be there. The pure quality of her photos is amazing and my husband and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you SO MUCH! Will recommend to all my friends!  -Erica & Larry



We were so blessed to have Jessica as our wedding photographer. Our wedding was a last minute booking she fit into her schedule while in Seattle for a few other weddings. She treated us with the same professional courtesy as any of her other clients. We met for coffee a few days before the wedding to discuss details and work out some plans. It went great! My husband and I felt confident in her professionalism and creativity. Day of the wedding we felt so comfortable in front of the camera. Jessica gave us good direction on how to pose while at the same time being open to pose ideas that we had. She was affirming and positive to us while taking pictures. A great quality in a photographer! She had such a great attitude throughout the whole event and we have recommended her to our friends and family and would definitely hire her again. We couldn't be more pleased with Jessica as our photographer! Kind, sweet, very professional and creative with our day. She fit right in as one of the family and got tons of good photos. She has a good eye for lighting and positioning and is very quick. We LOVE her!  -Jessica & Anson



To brides like myself who value their photographs and want to have incredible photos of their newly-formed family to share with loved ones, I give Jessica my highest recommendation. I had the pleasure of working with Jessica during our engagement shoot. The day of our shoot, we felt like rock stars! She gave us the flexibility to pose in ways I had envisioned and she also had a plethora of poses for us to choose from that were playful, serious, romantic and breath-taking. Within a week Jessica had posted our pictures to Facebook and posted our photos online. Her pride and urgency in preparing our photos was greatly clear and added excitement and to our wedding planning. The day of my wedding Jessica was completely calm and reassuring. Being able to view details after the wedding made me appreciate Jessica’s thoughtfulness. She caught every moment of my wedding day and friends and family that viewed my pictures felt like they were actually at my wedding! I admire the work ethic, professionalism and support that Jessica’s team provided to me. My new home is full of fantastically framed photos thanks to Jessica Elle Photography and we truly consider them to be a blessing.  -Allison & Mike



Jessica and her team were wonderful to work with! We thoroughly enjoyed the final product of all the photos and respect the attension made to the details of our big day. Jessica and her team did a wonderful job catching the special moments, getting ready, the ceremony, dancing, the flowers, you name it- the shot was there! We were also very impressed with the photo application which we use on our ipad and iphones PASS. This makes having and carrying those special memories easily accessable to share with loved ones of our big day! The wedding website was a big hit with our family and friends! We loved that it was user friendly for all and categorized by the various events of the day. Jessica's work is greatly appreciated! 

-Jenna & Jason



The day of our wedding was one of the most memorable times in our lives and Jessica was able to capture that in all her photos. She was non-intrusive, and blended well with our wedding party. She did such a great job at making us feel comfortable in front of the camera, we never felt like we were trying to force poses. I have to admit before the wedding day I was nervous. Nervous that we wouldn't have enough time to get the shots that we wanted, or that the shots that we had in mind would turn out the way we imagined. Jessica was a breath of fresh air. She got the shots we wanted as well as many others we had never thought of. I can honestly say that she helped me move forward in the day with ease. I had nothing to worry about. The shots turned out better than we thought! Thank you Jessica for helping us capture this special moment in our lives!
-Ami & Reed

We would love to hear all about your special day! Feel free to shoot us a message, or a text and we can chat about your upcoming wedding!


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Bride's Name
Wedding Date
Wedding Date

Engagement Session

FAQ, Idea's & Info

I LOVE engagement sessions! They are fun, filled with laughter and they give me such an insight into the personalities of the couple as well as what the wedding day is going to be like. We encourage all of our brides to do an engagement session if they can. I tell them to think of it is a trial run, a great opportunity to get to know us a little more, see what its like to work with us and get an idea of what to expect on a wedding day.

But before learning what to expect on a wedding day, I want to talk couples through what to expect on the engagement session. We get lots of questions about engagements; How long is the session? How should we dress? What should we be doing the whole time? Will you tell us what to do? How many images will we get? How many outfits should I wear? Where is the prettiest location? And more. These are all great, and valid questions, so I wanted to devote a post on what to expect during the engagement session.


The most common question we get is something along the lines of "We've never had photos done  before or we don't really know what we are doing, so are you going to be directing us the whole time?" 

We always suggest that couples come up with an activity for their engagement session; whether that is getting coffee and chatting, mini golf and pizza, ice cream and long boarding, a picnic with board games or making breakfast together it's completely up to you. We suggest you come up with a fun date idea and we document it. We still do some posed portraits, but this way you are engaging in an activity TOGETHER, your laughter and smiles will be genuine (guys, I only have so many jokes, so I can't make you laugh and smile for more than like 2 hours). Then after the fun 18 rounds of mini golf, or the 10 frames of bowing we can go and do some posed as well. That way you are getting photos that are incredibly unique to your personality and very genuine, as well as the classic, timeless posed images. 

We find that this set up makes for the BEST and most natural and comfortable images for couples. If you have trouble coming up with something, let us know, we have a super fun questionnaire that you two can do together to give us an idea of what could be fun to do for an engagement session.

Idea for unique engagement sessions:
An evening at Dave & Busters
Dressing like a scene from your favorite movie
Wine tasting
Dancing lessons
Clay shooting
Trip to the Zoo
Carnival/Theme Park Visit
Adopting a Pet
Pottery Painting
Cooking Class
Enjoy a Backyard Picnic
Rent Paddle Boats
Go Berry Picking
Visit a Museum
Plant a New Garden
Spend a Day in Your Favorite Book Store


I would rather shoot in an alley than up on a mountain with a blown-out sky and wind. The reason is lighting is so much more important than the background. Our lenses are professional, quality lenses, so the background has a softened look to it creating a centered look on the two of you, so the background doesn't matter. Proper lighting and a comfortable setting (no wind, few people, comfortable temperatures) are more important than the location and the background.

Expect the Session to be 1-1.5 Hours, sometimes less, sometimes more.
When we arrive to an engagement session, one of the first things we do is chat and say hello and catch up a bit. We want to make sure you are comfortable, relaxed and frankly, we wanna know how you are doing before we begin. Sometimes couples are REALLY feeling it, they work it like runway models and love it, other times, they are shy and not sure what to do and you can see that in photos, so we want to know where you are at before we being.

That being said, sometimes if you are feeling great, we'll shoot for 2 hours, other times if your cheeks are burning from smiling so much, we can call it a day after an hour. It's really up to how you are feeling and what sort of images we can get in that time frame.

Wear whatever you are comfortable in (but try to match..sorta)
If you are wearing something that you don't feel SUPER fabulous in, you're not going to feel great. Wear whatever you want that makes you feel comfy (with that being said...try not to wear pajamas) and gorgeous! If couples ask if they should match, well tell them sure, match a little, meaning wear colors that complement each other, shades of green, fall colors, reds and blacks, whites and pinks, similar feels; casual or elegant, etc. If you want to color coordinate, DO! It's not nerdy (matching track suits....thats another story), complementary colors are appealing in photos, so match up some colors and styles for a flattering image. 

We suggest no more than 2 outfits, anything beyond that is taking time away from shooting and simply messing up hair and makeup. If you really love three outfits, we make it work for sure, but we suggest 2. 

Expect 60-80 images returned
From and hour long engagement session we usually post 60-80 images on your gallery to view. If we had to do a lot of hiking to get to the good spots, it might be less, if we got started right away and we were nonstop, it might be more.

More than anything, we just want you to LOVE you photos and enjoy taking them!



We love getting to add new states to our list of destinations!!! If you are getting married in any of the states we haven't had the pleasure to shoot in yet, let us know and we will give you a special discount! Send us a message for more information!

For those getting married in states we have covered, shoot us a message for our travel costs and rates.